Create Accountability for Protection of Children, Driven by Board

Bylaw amendments 5.6 and 6.1 outlined below.

Article 5.6 – Reports to the Board

The following was added to require specific reporting to the Board from the Ethics and Grievance Committee and the Safe Sport Committee.

  • Ethics and Grievance Committee. The Ethics and Grievance Committee shall provide no fewer than two (2) reports to the Board annually regarding conflict of interest and other compliance issues.
  • Safe Sport Committee. The Safe Sport Committee shall provide a report to the Board at every Board meeting that summarizes current safe sport issues, a summary of resolutions, as well as provide an update to the Board on trends and mitigation efforts being utilized to address issues.

Article 6.1(c) – Ethics and Grievance Committee

The committee name was updated and duties were amended to remove safe sport responsibilities and increase the committee’s role in monitoring compliance.

Article 6.1(d) – Safe Sport Committee (new)

The composition of the new committee includes one Board member, one owner/managing director of a Member Club, one subject matter expert, one former athlete, and one Athlete Director. The Director of Safe Sport is ex-officio, non-voting member of the Safe Sport Committee. The Corporation’s legal counsel shall provide counsel to the Safe Sport Committee and assist the Committee in the administration of its functions. Duties of the new Safe Sport Committee are:

  • Review, recommend changes to, and assist in the interpretation of, and compliance with, the Corporation’s rules, policies, and guidelines designed to promote a positive and safe environment, including USA Gymnastics’ Safe Sport Policy;
  • Review and assist with the development and implementation of the safe sport strategic plan;
  • Monitor and report regularly to the Board on safe sport issues and safe sport-related complaints, investigations and resolutions.
  • Monitor compliance by the Corporation with the policies, procedures and requirements of the U.S. Center for SafeSport, as well as other safe sport initiatives of the USOC and the Olympic movement.
  • Perform such duties as assigned by the Board, the Chair or the President.