In Progress
Create a Policy Handbook and Code of Conduct for All Coaches Bringing Athletes to the Training Center

All participants attending activities at a national team training camp or other hosted official activity must sign a Rules and Waiver form. The Rules are reinforced at the orientation meeting that is conducted at the beginning of each camp/activity. The rules were updated again in 2018.

In addition, USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center Rules, Procedures and Conduct for USA Gymnastics Staff Members was created using rules that were already in place and formalized through the adoption of this internal policy document. The Staff rules cover staffing requirements, required participant forms, logistics for scheduling of camps and camp services, orientation meetings, medical staffing requirements, requirements for chaperones, and more. Relevant policies have been updated for applicability to any training site and to remove elements specific to the former National Team Training Center. A comprehensive policy handbook will follow and includes provisions detailing the handbook’s incorporation of the revised USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy and revised Code of Ethical Conduct.