In Progress
Implement a Strategic, Comprehensive Abuse Prevention Training Plan for Members, Parents and Athletes

The Safe Sport Department, working closely with the USA Gymnastics’ Director of Education, is developing a comprehensive education and training plan that includes training for every constituency group and incorporates the recommendations in this report. USA Gymnastics understands the importance of education as one of the important methods for prevention. The organization is in the process of hiring experts in child prevention education and child advocacy who will address many of the recommendations in this section.

In addition to the response for recommendation #19, USA Gymnastics is in the process of enhancing the safe sport education curriculum to include:

  • Roll-out of the updated Safe Sport Policy handbook;
  • Active involvement of the Safe Sport Committee of all related issues;
  • Ongoing education and training on the Safe Sport Policy customized to the varying needs of the membership population;
  • Ongoing education and training on the six categories of misconduct and proactive policies;
  • Support members on implementing and adhering to the Policy;
  • Accountability among membership for implementing and adhering to the Policy.

Other initiatives include the following.

  • Requiring all professional members to take and pass the U.S. Center for Safe Sport course as a condition of renewing or applying for new membership starting this season (2018-19). This will continue each year with related or new education initiatives.
  • Exploring effective methods to continuously distribute education to the membership as a requirement for renewal or new applications for membership.
  • Expanding the Safe Sport Department with seven new positions; five safe sport managers and the regional director will reside in the regions they serve to better reinforce, educate and audit membership requirements related to the Safe Sport Policy and all other policies and procedures.
  • Utilizing the new universal online membership system to effectively reach and customize messages to the membership.
  • Enhance and update dedicated safe-sport pages on our website to include education, references to articles, experts in the field, and other educational materials.
  • Providing safe-sport-targeted messages from the Safe Sport Department to the membership regarding all six types of misconduct, including sexual misconduct.
  • Increased outreach and educational materials distributed through email, newsletters, videos, social media and presentations that will be taught and available at all Regional and National Congresses, sanctioned events, camps and other venues as appropriate and possible.
  • Utilizing the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s educational resources and materials to effectively communicate to various members.