Reduce or Eliminate Conflicts of Interest

NOTE: The Ethics, Grievance and Safe Sport Committee was separated into two committees in amendments to Articles 5.6 and 6.1.

The Ethics, Grievance and Safe Sport Committee evaluated and provided some of the key policies and procedures that are in place and include:

  • USA Gymnastics Conflict of Interest Policy that applies to all USA Gymnastics Board members and employees;
  • Board members and staff complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form annually, which is reviewed by the Ethics, Grievance and Safe Sport Committee and the financial auditors;
  • Every transaction involving a Board member is reviewed annually, with detailed minutes documenting the review;
  • There is additional transparency in the conflict of interest review process, because in addition to compensation received from USA Gymnastics, disclosures are provided for per diem, expense reimbursement and payments from the individual state and regional accounts;
  • Board members are not compensated for their service on the Board;
  • Compensation paid to a Board member for non-Board-related activities is evaluated against the principle established in the policy;
  • Based on a detailed review and recommendation from the Finance, Audit and Compensation Committee, the Board approves a general budget by vote;
  • The Ethics, Grievance and Safe Sport Committee reviewed the existing language in both the Bylaws and the Conflict of Interest Policy to adhere to this;
  • Industry standards are in place that include transparency and accountability with safeguards in place to maintain Board independence in decision-making;
  • All members of the Board and all employees of USA Gymnastics have received training on the revised Ethical Code of Conduct.