Relax Due Process Requirements in Cases of Alleged Grooming or Abuse of a Minor
  • Although USA Gymnastics cannot dictate to the U.S. Center for SafeSport about its procedures related to due process with sexual misconduct cases, which is under its jurisdiction, the organization will align its efforts with the Center for any declined cases, at their discretion, that they refer back to USA Gymnastics.
  • USA Gymnastics has relaxed the due process requirements for non-sexual misconduct and proactive policy violations (including grooming) to proactively notify the Member Club. This standard has and will continue to be documented within USA Gymnastics Bylaws and/or in USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, as well as in the Hearing Procedures that guide a process for a disciplinary hearing.
  • The organization will continue to review, supplement or replace where needed in its safe sport policies and bylaws.