In Progress
Develop a Disciplinary Process for Violations of the Revised Code of Ethical Conduct and Other Member Club Requirements

The Code of Ethical Conduct was updated and revised in June 2018. A clarification was added to the USA Gymnastics Bylaws that member clubs are subject to discipline for violations of policy or procedures [Articles 3.8.b., 9 (paragraph 2), and 10.14].

3.8 Membership and Disciplinary Matters.

    (b) The provisions of Sections 10 of these Bylaws apply to Member Clubs who may have violated the SafeSport Code, USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, any other rules, regulations, policies or procedures of the Corporation.

For the purposes of Articles 9 and 10, a “Member” is a Covered Individual as defined in USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy (which includes current members of the Corporation, applicants for membership, or any individual who was a member of the Corporation at the time of any alleged Misconduct), and any Member Club of the Corporation.

10.14 Publication of Suspensions and Permanently Ineligible Members.

    (a) Where a decision has been rendered in a matter where the discipline imposed is suspension, or permanent ineligibility for membership, the Corporation shall publish the following information:

    1. The name of the individual;
    2. The state where the violation occurred and/or where the individual resides or Member Club is located at the time the discipline is imposed; and
    3. With respect to decisions of permanent ineligibility rendered after the adoption of this Section 10.14, which of the Corporation’s Bylaws, rules, regulations or policies was violated.

    (b) In matters that are adjudicated by the Center that result in permanent ineligibility for membership and are published on the Center’s searchable database, the Corporation will also publish and add information to the Corporation’s list of Permanently Ineligible Members as detailed above.