Require That Owners of Member Clubs Also be Members of USA Gymnastics

This requirement was added to USA Gymnastics Member Club Registration Requirements, beginning with the 2017-2018 season as shown below.

To register your organization with USA Gymnastics as a Member Club, you must agree to and comply with the following requirements for the entire membership or registration term, certification of which must be made annually upon application or renewal:

  1. Have a policy consistent with USA Gymnastics’ Safe Sport Policy that affirms your commitment to the welfare of gymnastics participants in your organization and includes, at minimum,
    – a description of conduct that will not be tolerated,
    – standards of behavior for your staff/volunteers that promote participant welfare, including elimination of privacy, identifying boundaries if physical contact is a necessary part of the activity, and encouraging parental monitoring.
  2. Establish proactive polices to eliminate the opportunity of grooming behaviors and a process for receiving and handling complaints regarding conduct that violates your policies.
  3. Not hire or be associated in any way with any person who is permanently ineligible for membership in USA Gymnastics, a list of whom is available at www.usagym.org/ineligible, or any person who is listed on a federal or state sex-offender registry, a search for which may be conducted at www.nsopw.gov.
  4. Maintain current commercial general liability insurance that includes, at minimum, participant liability and participant accident medical insurances.
  5. An owner of private gymnastics facility and/or the managing director of a public/non-profit facility must maintain a current Professional membership with a current Safety, Background and U110 Certification at all times during the club membership.
  6. Have a mission statement consistent with USA Gymnastics’ mission to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of gymnastics.